Jason Matthews

Web Designer, Developer, Server Administrator, @webmaster, and all around awesome guy currently residing in Oklahoma City, OK!

My first computer wasn’t a computer… it was a word processor.

Flashing orange icon on a black screen; a heaping monstrosity living in my closet (office 😛 ).

As a child, this intrigued me to no end.  It wasn’t the prospect of building documents (what a word processor was only good for), it was the idea of using it outside of it’s intended purpose.  I’d build fun little grids and do turn-based attacks on pixelated enemy forts, launching a barrage of * (stars) and # (pounds) at my created enemy foes; the enemy, x’s or o’s depending on my mood that day.

I would spend hours every day creating a new arena and exploring new ideas.  As a child, I was fascinated and instantly hooked on what computers could do, not just the hardware, but the life it would breathe onto a screen for all to see.  This very adventuress and curious spirit still thrives in me to this day.  I take pride in the work that I do, always testing new boundaries in an attempt to achieve yet another innovation.  Web Design has been a rewarding part of my life, and it’s a passion and reward that I share with all my clients.

I could go on and on about these thrilling tidbits of nostalgia and how I can help you, instead, get in touch with me and we’ll continue this conversation and talk more about YOU!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

[email protected]