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[VM-Backit] Simple System Backup Utility

VM-Backit is simple and easy to use command line based system utility to be used for backing up your preferred (configured) directories and databases followed by a clean packaging into dated archives contained within a /backup directory.
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This project has been forked and modified for single utility use from my LEMP kit projects VStacklet & HStacklet.

Deploys a proper backup directory strucutre, tidy's the script directory (see: ~/vm-backit-util), performs backups of preferred directories and databases, and neatly packages into a single archive for download!

Script Features:

  • Simple to install and configure.
  • Script writes backup output to /root/vm-backit.log for additional observations.
  • Color Coding for emphasis on backup (highlights directoris and databases being backed up) processes.
  • Everything you need to get backup your system.
  • Cron job examples are included within each script.

Script Functions:

VM-Backit - Installs scripts to help manage and automate server/site backups.

  • Backup your files in key locations (ex: /srv/www, /etc and /root) These of course can be modified to your particular needs
  • Backup your databases
  • Package files & databases to one archive
  • Cleanup remaining individual archives
  • Simply configure and type 'vm-backit' to backup important directories and databases - cron examples included.

Getting Started:

You should read these scripts before running them so you know what they're doing. Changes may be necessary to meet your needs.

Files requiring your attention before running a backup are located in the ~/vm-backit directory.

  • directory-backup.sh
  • database-backup.sh

VM-Backit - Installs needed files for running complete system backups:

NOTE: If you do not have curl installed, run the following command -

apt-get install -y curl

... then run our main installer ...

curl -LO https://raw.github.com/JMSDOnline/vm-backit/master/vm-backit.sh
chmod +x vm-backit.sh

Additional Notes and honorable mentions

As per any contributions, be it suggestions, critiques, alterations and on and on are all welcome @ VM-Backit's Repo on GitHub