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SPI Sliding Billboard w/ Video


The Convention and Visitors Bureau of South Padre Island in concert with Machete Inc. Marketing Agency contacted us once more in need of our services. This time the project was in regards to producing a banner that would contain a video. There were quite a few heavy restrictions on the banner and the limitations were a challenge. The entire size of the banner had to be 90KB in size - total. It can be a chore just to get a regular image at that size.. nonetheless, we did it.. and we did it with style.

Flash and it's usage may be a dinosaur kids, but hey, it is still required for many projects, ie; ads. We again worked very close with Machete Inc. in creating a banner that reflected their current marketing campaign for South Padre Island.

The entirety of the project took 18 hours. This consisted of the design (2 revisions and 1 of which changed the design completely) and the scripting of the Flash scripts. Overall, it was a fun project to work on. We don't always do Flash.. but when it gets requested.. we gladly accept the challenge and prove once more - Anything is possible.

  • Category: Graphics, Design, Flash
  • Client: Machete Inc.for South Padre Island, TX
  • Revisions: 2
  • Time on Project: 8 hours / 2 days
  • Delivered: 24 July 2013