PortfolioProjectSPI Sliding Flash Billboard for SPI Fall Concert Series

SPI Sliding Flash Billboard for SPI Fall Concert Series


Once again we were contacted by Machete Inc. to help produce a Sliding Billboard Flash Banner. Similar to the Billboard Banner with video we had produced 2 months earlier, this project was along the same guidelines and strict size restraints. This time we had to produce a banner for the island's Fall Series Concert Event Lineups and video was not needed. Video or no video the objective remains the same.. Produce a stunning graphic that is easily readable and enticing to the eye.

The entirety of the project took 5 hours as we played upon previous specs from our first project walk-through. This consisted of the design, 3 revisions and the scripting of the Flash scripts. Overall, it was a fun project to work on as we enjoy working with Machete Inc. As per our usual, we don't always do Flash.. but when it gets requested.. we gladly accept the challenge and prove once more - Anything is possible.

  • Category: Graphics, Design, Flash
  • Client: Machete Inc.for South Padre Island, TX
  • Revisions: 3
  • Time on Project: 5 hours / 1 day
  • Delivered: 09 September 2013